Thursday, August 18, 2011


                                               In our dreams we can be anybody we want to be
                                                         We are the main characters
 I imagine what my dream of you and I are to be.
 We are like the ocean for miles and all the beauty that surrounds us
 sea shells that roll ashore whispering in our ears
We are the stars that shine so bright at night no matter where we are.
 We are the sun that reflects all the warmth for all to feel
We are the flower in the garden that blooms in every color for all to see
 We are the prince and princess that live happily ever after
We are you and me hand in hand we walk we talk we laugh and smile
 we are the days beginning and end.
 So remember when you feel the warm sunlight its us.
 When you see the star shining bright its us
 When you see all the colors in the flowers its us
 When you read about the prince and princess in that fairy tale its us.
 When you dream its us.
Interesting what a deeper meaning among friends can be just like yesterday thank you for being a part of my life once again my long lost friend...

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